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Neteller is a lean and mean payment method – it’s possible to withdraw the online betting winnings within a couple of minutes on the first ATM. The speed comes at a cost, but we’re still voting Neteller as the best payment method for online betting.

Neteller is an online wallet accepted by virtually all online bookmakers. You top up your account using any of the traditional payment methods, then you can freely move your money around across online bookmakers for free. All that with a convenience of having a Net+ MasterCard plastic card linked to your Neteller account, so whenever funds are available on your Neteller account they’re also available on the ATM.


Neteller is the fastest payment option, and in combination with Bet365 it’s possible to withdraw the winnings within a couple of minutes. That’s faster than walking to the betting shop to withdraw the winnings.

The Net+ daily limits are nice. £500 ATM withdrawal, £1500 POS purchases.

There are no annual, monthly or dormancy fees for the Net+ card. There’s the £8 shipping and handling fee when ordering your card, and that’s it.


The fees are a bit high. When uploading the money to your Neteller account you may pay up to 4.95% commission, though there are different payment methods with different fees. Choose wisely. Withdrawals are also expensive, but free if you’re using your Net+ card.

The ATM withdrawal fee is £3 GBP per transaction.


Neteller is the best payment method for online betting. Use it.