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Credit cards

Credit cards are a very good payment method for online betting if used properly. It’s possible to bet with borrowed money with a 0% commission.

The biggest advantage of credit cards is, well, that they’re credit cards. Therefore it’s possible to wager some money today and pay for it with the next credit card statement, or in case of revolving cards distribute the expense over a longer period of time.

It’s best to use credit cards to fund the Skrill or Neteller account because all bookmakers accept these two online wallets and the transactions with the bookmaker are free, whereas you’re stuck with one bookmaker if depositing with a credit card directly. And it’s possible you might not be able to deposit with a certain bookmaker, depending on what card you have.

There is one bookmaker that accepts credit cards without commission, and that’s Bet365, Visa and MasterCard only. In this case we advise you make a direct deposit with a credit card, of course.


Bet today, pay next month.


You might have to use wire transfer as the withdrawal method. This is avoided if not depositing directly with a credit card, and using the card to fund the Skrill or Neteller account instead.


The only way to bet with borrowed money. In case of Bet365, without a fee.